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Steering and Suspension Maintenance

Do you feel like your ride is just not as smooth as it used to be? As time goes by, the steering and suspension of a car will tend to deteriorate. It has to be monitored very closely to make sure that you have the most comfortable and safest ride possible. When it comes to car maintenance, steering and suspension does not always get the attention that it deserves. In fact, people tend to forgot about it a lot. This can be a real issue because suspension and steering will determine how well your vehicle is handling while it is on the road.

Both suspension and steering are required to make your ride as comfortable and as safe as possible. When you spot a problem with any of these systems, you should  visit Affordable Auto Repair in Orlando and our reliable mechanics right away. To be sure that your steering and suspension stays in optimal condition, you have to monitor it very closely on a regular basis. There are a few things that you should watch out for to determine the condition of these mechanisms.

An example would be your car steering slightly from side to side while it is being driven. This problem can really affect how the car’s handling. This can mean that there is an issue with the steering. One possible reason: the tie rod and steering rack have bad components. This would not only affect the way your car handles, but on the other parts of the car as well. Faulty steering can also affect the condition of the tires.

Another thing that you should be aware of is when you steering seems to wiggle back and forth. This issue can be a real safety hazard, and it must be resolved quickly. This problem could be caused by worn out parts or a steering system that weakening. This means that it has to be checked by a mechanic right away.

Have you ever felt like your steering slips whenever you veer right or left? This can be caused by low steering fluid or even by a loose steering belt. Thankfully, you can prevent this problem from getting worse by simply visiting our reliable and reputable car repair shop.

Another thing that you should watch out for is a rough and bumpy ride. This could mean that your suspension will have to be checked. After driving your vehicle for an amount of miles, the suspension will be worn out. This is why it is important to have your suspension checked. This simple task will result in a much more comfortable and safer ride.

There is no doubt that steering and suspension are vital parts of any vehicle.

These mechanisms are vital to make sure that you get a safe and comfortable ride.

Steering and suspension should not only be checked if you think that there is a problem, but as scheduled preventive vehicle maintenance.

It will help to have these systems checked on a regular basis. You should not wait to get your car diagnosed. In the end, it will save you a lot of time and money. Call today to schedule a free inspection of your steering and suspension system.


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Auto Repair – Air Conditioning Repair

Hi Orlando, Fl Do you hear loud sounds under the hood when you turn on your car’s air conditioner? If so, it is time to get your auto air conditioner examined. It’s extremely easy to trust your automobile’s air conditioner will work when you turn it on.

When lot of people in Orlando hear words “a/c troubles”, it sends out a shiver up their spinal column. That is due to the fact that the cooling system is relatively complicated. It has a great deal of parts and when it’s broken, it’s pricey to fix.

Exactly what things can we do to avoid a/c breakdowns?

An usual cause of air conditioning failure is leakages. Refrigerant, the things that makes the air cold, can leak out, decreasing the effectiveness of the system, making it work more difficult to cool the air. Regularly leaving the air conditioning system and charging it keeps the appropriate quantity of clean refrigerant in the system so it cools much better and lasts longer.

You need to likewise run the air conditioner frequently, even in a wintry FORT COLLINS winter season, so that it lubes itself and keeps the seals from drying out, which leads to leakages. Your owner’s handbook will have referrals for exactly how commonly to service your air conditioner.

New ecological laws have actually stopped the manufacture of Freon, a refrigerant that was typical in automobiles made prior to 1993. If you have an older car that utilizes Freon, you could desire to think about having it retrofitted to make use of the brand-new R134-A refrigerant. If your Air Conditioner is simply a lot of hot air, bring it in to Budget-friendly Automobile Repair work in Orlando for an examination.

Auto Repair – Radiator & Engine Cooling Systems

Why Have My Radiator System Flushed?

This is a common question that is often asked by automobile owners looking to maintain their vehicle in peak operating condition at all times. In short, having a cooling system flushed is a smart way to extend the life of this particular automobile system and its components and is a great way to save money over the long term. Car owners can enjoy real savings because having a radiator system flushed at regular intervals can reduce the likelihood of having to replace a radiator or other components of the cooling system at a later time. A coolant system flush serves to lubricate the water pump and other parts throughout the cooling system as well as remove abrasive contaminants that could ultimately cause component failure. This is an important consideration because older coolant that has not been changed in a significant period of time loses its anti-corrosive capabilities resulting in a buildup of abrasive and damaging particles.

Pressure Checks And Tests As a Way To Detect Any Leaks Within The System

Best of all, a professionally performed radiator system flush effectively removes scale deposits and accumulated rust from the internal components of an automobile’s cooling system. This is critical to the long-term operation of any vehicle as scale deposits and rust can ultimately lead to damaged components within a radiator as well as an increased likelihood that overheating will occur. In addition, this type of routine service also allows technicians to carefully inspect all of a system’s components. Experienced technicians will also typically do pressure checks and tests as a way to detect any leaks within the system. Regular inspections of an automobile cooling system are simply a good idea because technicians can often detect components that are close to failure and then recommend corrective action. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a cooling system malfunction or an overheat condition and the potential for possible complete breakdown in a remote location.

Maintain The Best Operating Temperature

Because typical automobile engines today operate best at temperatures that are comparatively high, the cooling system is designed to maintain optimum operating temperature for a given condition. In the most basic of terms an automobile cooling system is designed to manage the heat that is produced by combustion within the engine. Fortunately, today’s modern radiators and cooling systems are extremely efficient and dependable. This essential automobile system operates under the premiss of being able to efficiently transfer heat from the engine block to the outside atmosphere. Liquid coolant is circulated throughout the block of the engine, in essence picking up heat along the way and carrying it to a heat exchanger, also known as a radiator that then does an excellent job of transferring accumulated heat to the air that is blowing across the radiator. Call, contact or visit [company name] today to learn more about affordable and highly effective cooling system flushes that are intended to extend the life of your radiator and cooling system components. A radiator flush is smart preventative maintenance intended to save automobile owners money in the long run.

When was the last time you had your radiator and cooling system flushed?

Get your money saving coupons here then give us call to schedule an appointment to get your cooling system flushed today!

Auto Repair – Engine Diagnostics

Wheel Alignment

Orlando’s Affordable Auto Repair – Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment Coupon Special

Is your steering wheel crooked? Does it shake when driving? Does your car want to pull to one side or the other even though you are driving straight forward? Do you see uneven wear on your tires?

These are all symptoms of a steering and suspension system being out of alignment.

An alignment is, simply put, an adjustment of your car’s steering and suspension system components. Some cars and trucks only have adjustments for the front two wheels while others with what is called independent rear suspension systems will have adjustments for all 4 wheels, even on the rear.

Vehicles with an alignment out of the manufactured specified settings ranges can put undue stress and strain causing abnormal wear and tear on your car’s steering and suspension parts, like tie rod ends, idler arms, ball joints and let’s not forget the damage that can be caused to the tires.

Your car’s alignment gets knocked out of adjustment just by everyday driving. Normal bumps and ridges in the road over a period of time will cause you alignment setting to move. If you have ever driven through a pot hole in the road , you know the shock and impact your front end suspension goes through. Every day speed bumps in the parking lot, going over curbs coming out of your drive way and other simple uneven road conditions gradually cause your car’s alignment to need to be reset. The only real and true way to determine if you car is “in” or “out” of adjustment is to put it on an alignment machine and have it checked.

Engine Tune – Ups

Orlando’s Affordable Auto Repair
Engine Tune – Ups

Want your engine to run at peak performance? Want more power, better fuel economy? It may be time for a tune-up but how do you know?

Modern engines run much more efficiently than engines in the past. Most engines today don’t require having a tune up nearly as often as they used too. Depends on the manufacture and type of engine you have. Some manufactures still recommend the spark plugs being changed every 30,000 miles, while others say you can go as long as 100,000 miles before changing them. If your not sure when your car needs to be tuned up you can check your scheduled maintenance section in your owners manual or if you don’t have one you can call us (407.442.1920) and we would be glad to look it up for you.

What’s suggested with a tune-up varies with the amount of mileage you engine has. Low mileage engines may only need to change the spark plugs, while vehicles with higher mileage may need to change other ignition related parts like spark plug wire sets, ignition coil packs, distributor caps and ignition rotors. You can bring your car by for a quick courtesy check if you want us to pop the hood and give you a quick evaluation of the condition of your engines tune up components.

Belts and Belt Tensioner

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-Belts and Belt Tensioner

If it has a pulley chances are it’s run by a belt. Belts on today’s vehicles play a very important part in keeping your car’s systems running together. Your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning, and most water pumps are usually run by one single belt called a serpentine belt. Named rightly so as it snakes in and out of your engine’s pulley systems. Some cars still have a separate belt for each function. If your belts are old and frayed or have cracks they could potentially break. Automotive belt’s are relatively inexpensive and should be regularly inspected to prevent unnecessary break downs and to ensure your car’s systems work in harmony. Stop by today and we will check your belt’s condition at no charge. It will only take a few minutes to check them.

Differential Fluid Exchange

Differential Fluid Exchange

Rear Differential Gears Fluid service OrlandoOn rear wheel drive vehicles the power that propels the car forward comes from the rear differential gears which are attached to the transmission by a drive shaft between the two. The fluid or “gear lube” in the rear differential unit needs to be changed on some cars and trucks as often as every 15,000 miles according to mfg scheduled maintenance intervals. This is often one of the most overlooked fluids in the vehicles drive train. If the fluid gets low (from leaking gaskets)or doesn’t properly lube the gears any longer, it can cause the gears to wear and fail. This can be a very costly repair that can usually be avoided.

Power Steering System Flush

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Power Steering System Fluid Exchange

You power steering system is another one of your car’s systems which rarely gets the proper maintenance it deserves until it’s to late and it has already failed. Your power steering system is what makes you car easy to steer and handle, if you have ever had to drive your car with out it working you already know how hard it can be to do a simple little thing like turn the steering wheel. No Fun!

You having the power steering fluid changed can save you unnecessary repairs like replacing your power steering pump or rack-n-pinion unit, which both can be very costly. Sometimes just because of the labor involved in getting to and replacing the units. So if you like the easy smooth maneuvering power steering gives you, take the time to get your power steering fluid changed today. You will be glad you did. Click here to save on your next scheduled maintenance flush service.

Brake System Flush

Brake System Fluid Exchange

Let’s talk safety for a minute. A car’s brake system is something we all take for granted. When we want to stop, we mash on the brake peddle and expect to stop!

Most vehicle’s brake systems are equipped with an ABS system now days. This system works with your normal brake system to help keep you from skidding and losing control if you should have to “panic stop”.

Your brake fluid is responsible for pressurizing your brake’s hydraulic calipers and wheel cylinders which are what actually applies the pressure to the pads or shoes causing your vehicle to stop.

Brake fluid gets very hot and breaks down , very much in the same way your engine’s oil breaks down from heat. Your brakes master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders all have rubber seals, these seals can get worn prematurely if the fluid is not kept clean. The dirt particles wear on the seals over time, eventually causing them to leak. When your brake system experiences a leak, normally you will feel it in the lack of firmness when applying the brake peddle. It can fade and feel spongy because as you lose fluid from you brake system – you gain air.

Your ability to stop is at risk when you have a loss of pressure in your brake system due to a leak. Take a look at your brake fluid, if it looks dark or discolored, chances are your brake system could use a good brake fluid flush. Prolong the life of your car’s brakes and get your brake fluid flushed today. Click here to save on a brake flush.