Coolant System Flush


Radiator Coolant System  Flushes Everyone knows they need to change their oil, right? When was the last time you flushed out and replaced any of your cars other vital fluids? Like having your radiator cooling system flushed out. Did you know anti-freeze helps keep your cars operating temperature normal and can prevent overheating problems in

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Air-Fuel-Cabin Filter Replacements


Orldando’s Affordable Auto Repair Shop – Filter Changes. O.k., so we talked about changing your oil filter and that will help keep the engine lubricated with clean oil. You also have a filter for the air that goes into your engine. Dirt, leafs and bugs are just a few of the things your air filter

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Oil Change & Filter


Orlando’s Affordable Auto Repair Shop – Oil & Filter Change Money saving  coupon! Oil is your engine’s life blood. Getting your engine’s oil and filter changed on a regular basis helps keep your internal engine components lubricated and clean. Clean Oil helps prevent wear and tear on critical engine parts like your piston rings, valves

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