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O.k., so we talked about changing your oil filter and that will help keep the engine lubricated with clean oil. You also have a filter for the air that goes into your engine. Dirt, leafs and bugs are just a few of the things your air filter helps protect from going into your engine. Keeping your engines air filter clean not only keeps the junk out but allows your engine to “breathe” and get the air that it needs to perform well.
A dirty air filter could be costing you low gas mileage and we know gas isn’t cheap these days.

Then we have the fuel filter which on some vehicles is located on the underneath side of your car body, near the frame usually. Periodically changing your fuel filter helps keep the dirt and rust from entering your engine and causing damage, it also on newer cars, prevents the fuel injectors from becoming clogged causing your engine to starve for fuel and run poorly. Again another contributor to poor fuel economy!

Some cars aren’t equipped with an external fuel filter, the fuel filter is actually located in the gas tank and connected directly to the fuel pump. In this case it’s considered a “none serviceable” fuel filter and only really needs to be changed when the fuel pump fails and the tank needs to be lowered in the process of changing the fuel pump. Give us a call and we can check to see which type of fuel filter your car or vehicle has.

Finally, if any of you are allergenic listen close. There is a filter located usually under the dash of your vehicle which is designed to trap and filter the “Fresh” air coming into your vehicle cabin area. The Cabin Air Filter will get filled with everything from pollen and dirt to leafs and bugs. It is important for you to change this filter in order to keep the quality of air you breath at it’s best while you are driving. It also helps prevent your air conditioners evaporator core from becoming clogged. Stop by and we will be glad to check it for you, it only takes a moment.

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