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Brake System Fluid Exchange

Let’s talk safety for a minute. A car’s brake system is something we all take for granted. When we want to stop, we mash on the brake peddle and expect to stop!

Most vehicle’s brake systems are equipped with an ABS system now days. This system works with your normal brake system to help keep you from skidding and losing control if you should have to “panic stop”.

Your brake fluid is responsible for pressurizing your brake’s hydraulic calipers and wheel cylinders which are what actually applies the pressure to the pads or shoes causing your vehicle to stop.

Brake fluid gets very hot and breaks down , very much in the same way your engine’s oil breaks down from heat. Your brakes master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders all have rubber seals, these seals can get worn prematurely if the fluid is not kept clean. The dirt particles wear on the seals over time, eventually causing them to leak. When your brake system experiences a leak, normally you will feel it in the lack of firmness when applying the brake peddle. It can fade and feel spongy because as you lose fluid from you brake system – you gain air.

Your ability to stop is at risk when you have a loss of pressure in your brake system due to a leak. Take a look at your brake fluid, if it looks dark or discolored, chances are your brake system could use a good brake fluid flush. Prolong the life of your car’s brakes and get your brake fluid flushed today. Click here to save on a brake flush.

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