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Engine Tune – Ups

Want your engine to run at peak performance? Want more power, better fuel economy? It may be time for a tune-up but how do you know?

Modern engines run much more efficiently than engines in the past. Most engines today don’t require having a tune up nearly as often as they used too. Depends on the manufacture and type of engine you have. Some manufactures still recommend the spark plugs being changed every 30,000 miles, while others say you can go as long as 100,000 miles before changing them. If your not sure when your car needs to be tuned up you can check your scheduled maintenance section in your owners manual or if you don’t have one you can call us (407.442.1920) and we would be glad to look it up for you.

What’s suggested with a tune-up varies with the amount of mileage you engine has. Low mileage engines may only need to change the spark plugs, while vehicles with higher mileage may need to change other ignition related parts like spark plug wire sets, ignition coil packs, distributor caps and ignition rotors. You can bring your car by for a quick courtesy check if you want us to pop the hood and give you a quick evaluation of the condition of your engines tune up components.

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