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Spending to much at the gas pump? Is your car hesitating or running a little sluggish? When was the last time you had your fuel system cleaned?

You pump gas into the tank but then what happens? Your gas will travel through your fuel system path until it reaches it’s final destination, your piston cylinder chambers.

When you start your car, the electric fuel pump in your gas tank goes to work pushing gas up to the engine. The gas goes through one, sometimes two filters, before it reaches your engine cleaning out any harmful rust, dirt and debris that may be in your tank.

Some engines have a fuel regulator which regulates the gas flow volume and the pressure of the fuel that is allowed to pass to your engines fuel injectors. Your fuel injectors then spray an even mist of gas into the piston chambers where your spark plugs catch it on fire causing it to explode. The force of this explosion is then harnessed and the power is used to make your car move.

Depending on the design of your engines fuels system, fuel injectors are located in the throttle body (formerly the carburetor) or they may be located on what is know as the fuel rail which contains several fuel injectors each in alignment with your individual engine cylinders.

It is extremely important for your throttle body and fuel injections to remain clean so that your engine can perform at peak performance. When the throttle body becomes built up with carbon it can effect the air/ fuel mixture ratio causing your engine to lack power and under perform. It could be costing you wasted fuel and poor gas mileage.

Feel free to come by the shop for a free inspection of your engines throttle body. Typically the fuel system should be serviced every 20,000-25,000 miles depending upon your driving habits and conditions. This is not a very time consuming service and can be performed while you wait. Normal service time is around an hour to hour and a half.

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