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Oil is your engine’s life blood. Getting your engine’s oil and filter changed on a regular basis helps keep your internal engine components lubricated and clean. Clean Oil helps prevent wear and tear on critical engine parts like your piston rings, valves and main crankshaft bearings. A new oil filter helps trap dirt and other unwanted contaminates helping to prolong the life of your engine and enhance performance.

We change your oil , the filter and check most fluids under your hood with our oil change service, We also perform a free 17 point visual safety inspection. We offer both standard oil and full synthetic oil change services. We also service diesel engines on cars and light trucks. Call today to schedule your next oil change service.

Your engine is counting on you to keep your oil and filter changed and clean.

So you have a vehicle and you ask your self why do I need to have regular oil change done on my vehicle?

Vehicle engines have a lot of moving parts. These moving parts will often rub on each other and this force of friction will create heat. The oil in the vehicles engine lubricates all the moving parts. The oil will also absorb the heat that the moving parts create from the friction; this will allow all the parts of the engine to work properly with each other with out over heating.

Eventually the oil in the engine will break down and wear out and become less effective when trying to keep the engine lubricated and keep it from over heating. Your goal as the owner of the vehicle is to keep the oil from breaking down, and you will do this by get an oil change on a regular basis. Changing the oil on a regular basis will prevent the oil from breaking down and causing major engine trouble.

Having the oil changed in the automobile will consist of having the old oil removed and the new, fresh oil put into the vehicle with a new filter. When they add a new filter with the oil change this is called a filter service.

At the same time the oil is changed filter service will take place. The filter systems in your vehicle are just as important as the oil change itself is. There different types of filters that go in an automobile and all them are just as important as the other. The oil filter will keep the oil that passes through the engine clean, if the filter is old with a lot of dirt on it, that dirt can get passed into the engine when the oil passes through, which can cause a lot of problems.

How often you change your oil is very important because you do not want to wait too long and take the chance of damaging your engine. How often you change the oil will depend on how old your vehicle is, how far you drive, and what your vehicle scheduled maintenance manual recommends. Usually it is recommended to get the oil changed and a filter service done ever three thousand to five thousand miles to prevent engine damage.

Call now to schedule your appointment with Affordable Auto Repair in Orlando your best choice for local auto repair to get your vehicle’s oil changed today. Remember to click here to get a money saving a coupon on your next oil change. If you prefer you can schedule an appointment online and we will call you back to confirm your best time. click Here to Schedule Appointment Now & Save!

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