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Does your car have a vibration in the steering wheel or the seat of your car at certain speeds? Are your front tires wearing on the edges? This could be a sign you need to rotate and balance your car’s tires.

To get the smoothest most comfortable ride and the most even & longest wear out of your tires, it is recommended that you rotate & balance your tires every 5-6,000 miles regularly.

Your front tires do all the work when you are making turns. The weight of your vehicle rolls onto the edges of your tires as you turn causing them to wear more on the front edges than the rear. The turning process also scrubs against your tire tread causing it to wear faster than the rear tires. When you break with your car, the weight of the whole vehicle get’s shifted forward to the front of the car, thus onto your front tires, causing them to wear faster than the rear tires edges.

Your rear tires stabilize the vehicle and run mostly in a straight forward position. The weight is generally centered over the middle section of your tire causing the rear tires to wear down mostly in the middle area of the tire.

By rotating your front tires, which have mostly wearing on the outer edges, to the rear you now give them a chance to wear the center area of the tire and give the edges a break.

By rotating the rear tires to the front of your vehicle which has been wearing mostly on the center area of the tread, you now get some wear on the outer edges. Ultimately your tires wear evenly and will last much much longer if you stay with a consistent schedule of rotating your car’s tires.

Tire Rotation & balance – Auto Repair ShopAbout that vibration. Your tires are balanced to your car’s wheels as part of your tire installation procedure when you first have them installed.

What balancing does, is it measures the heavy spot of the wheel and the heavy spot of the tire on a balancing machine which spins to simulate high speed, finding where the two heavy spots meet. Then a trained tire professional will add weight to your wheel in the exact opposite position across from where the wheel and tire combinations heavy spots meet, thus the term balance.

As the tire rubber wears down from everyday driving and normal use, the heavy spot of the tire can change. Especially if your tires have an irregular wear pattern, like feathering on the edges of the tread or worn more on one side than the other from a misaligned steering and suspension system.

When your tires get “out of balance” it can cause your car to vibrate. If they are out of balance in the front , you will most likely feel a vibration in your steering wheel, it can vary from one speed to another. When your rear tires get “out of balance” the vibration caused will travel through the frame and floorboard area of your vehicle, sometimes causing the seat to shake.

Re-balancing your tires can help keep the internal belts in your tires construction from separating and coming apart causing your tires to prematurely fail. Proper maintenance of your tires will give you better gas mileage, longer lasting tires, a much smoother and more comfortable ride with the peace of mind of knowing your tires are less likely to fail due to a internal belt separation. We offer free tire rotations and have specials on balancing quite frequently to help you keep your car’s tires safe and dependable.

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