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Is your steering wheel crooked? Does it shake when driving? Does your car want to pull to one side or the other even though you are driving straight forward? Do you see uneven wear on your tires?

These are all symptoms of a steering and suspension system being out of alignment.

An alignment is, simply put, an adjustment of your car’s steering and suspension system components. Some cars and trucks only have adjustments for the front two wheels while others with what is called independent rear suspension systems will have adjustments for all 4 wheels, even on the rear.

Vehicles with an alignment out of the manufactured specified settings ranges can put undue stress and strain causing abnormal wear and tear on your car’s steering and suspension parts, like tie rod ends, idler arms, ball joints and let’s not forget the damage that can be caused to the tires.

Your car’s alignment gets knocked out of adjustment just by everyday driving. Normal bumps and ridges in the road over a period of time will cause you alignment setting to move. If you have ever driven through a pot hole in the road , you know the shock and impact your front end suspension goes through. Every day speed bumps in the parking lot, going over curbs coming out of your drive way and other simple uneven road conditions gradually cause your car’s alignment to need to be reset. The only real and true way to determine if you car is “in” or “out” of adjustment is to put it on an alignment machine and have it checked.

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